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♥ j´adore vivien

Vivien Leigh
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“In thinking now of that moment the recollection of her evokes all sorts of images: quicksilver; elegance and composure, like a small Siamese cat; and the tinkling charm of a Chinese wind lantern.”
~ Olivia De Havilland
j´adore vivien
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Welcome to  j´adore_vivien, a community dedicated to the lovely and stunning screen and theatre goddess Vivien Leigh. Here you can find pictures, quotes and trivia as well as graphics and a lot more about the beautiful Vivien. Feel free to share your graphics/ icons etc. You´ll need to join to post and view the entries as this is a members-only community (membership is open).

Please make sure that you read the RULES before posting.

If you have any queries, suggestions etc. please let us (valenessa  , retrovicious   and nicolesgrace  ) know.